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Why do you need to save vlive to mp4?

vlive is a comprehensive and shared video website with many professional and interesting videos on it, and many users upload original videos, the quality is also very high, sometimes not only need to watch, but also need to be saved in mp4 format. mp4 format is one of the most popular formats now. Many mobile devices directly support mp4 format playback. How to save vlive videos in mp4 format? Here are the two most practical and simple methods for everyone:

Can I Download Subtitles from Vlive Video?

Knowing the needs of international fans, Vlive offers smart subtitles detection and upload features to embark the content of the videos can be translated into different languages. In addition, it also launches a function, called "Create Fansub" to allow fans to translate the video content properly. This greatly helps people who don't speak Korean have the ability to understand what their idols are saying during the live streaming.

For K-pop fans, Vlive is not an unfamiliar platform to them, because this is an essential place for these girls and boys to interact with there favorite K-pop artists. Vlive videos can be streamed in the highest 1080p, and also, some reliable downloaders can help as well. But what if some people want to download the subtitles in the languages they need? Are there any ways to save subtitles from Vlive videos?